We recruit both permanent and contract / interim positions here in the UK and internationally.

We use a variety of methods to source individuals for our clients. Usually the nature and the scarcity of the desired skill set dictate the most appropriate approach.

Contingency Database Search
In most instances this approach will uncover the desired candidate. Our database of contacts has matured and developed over the years through referrals and in-house advertising and therefore the network effect makes this our most effective tool for recruiting. Our clients benefit from the speed this approach allows and also the fact that there are no up front costs. Fees are only payable if a client decides to engage a candidate introduced by us.

Advertised Assignment
Occasionally where Contingency based searching does not yield the desired result it necessitates the need to supplement the search with an advertising campaign. We can undertake advertising campaigns on a client’s behalf, allowing them to benefit from our experience in choosing appropriate media, design and layout as well as handling all response and marketing the opportunity to respondents.
Since recruitment is our core competency we are in an ideal position to promote the client in the best light from the moment a response is received. We can answer potential candidate’s questions (inside and outside of normal office hours), credibly promote the opportunity and respectfully handle rejections.

Search & Selection Assignment
In some situations, particularly with rare, highly sought after or unusual skill sets, Search and Selection is necessary to locate the right candidate. This is a project based assignment where we would dedicate resources to working exclusively with the one client. We have at our disposal techniques such as headhunting allowing us to open the pool of potential candidates to include passive job seekers that for a variety of reasons do not respond to advertisements or register with the usual recruitment channels.

Clients benefit not only from the choice of candidate available but also from in-depth interview and evaluation assessments, discretion and the efficient use of management time interviewing only thoroughly pre-screened candidates. This is very much a bespoke service that requires commitment from both us and the client and therefore an agreement is set out at the commencement of the assignment to detail key project milestones and deliverables.